Public Safety

The Bend police department needs eight more sworn officers.  Bend Fire and Rescue is understaffed by nine firefighter-paramedics.  Public safety is suffering as a result.

This council has failed in its fundamental duty to protect the health and safety of Bend’s residents by allowing low-barrier shelters (shelters with virtually no admission criteria) in residential zones.  It has yet to produce any expert to explain how this will assist the homeless. 

The new shelter code fails to protect neighborhoods from the inevitable conflicts with low-barrier shelter residents, conflicts which are making parts of Seattle and Portland unlivable.  When these conflicts happen here, our council’s only advice is:  “Call the police.”  

But Chief Krantz says:  “Don’t call the police.”  His department is understaffed and does not have the resources to deal with such complaints.

The council’s refusal to enforce the existing laws has allowed parts of Bend to become unlivable.  Businesses should not have to hire private security because of the council’s failure to enforce existing laws.