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Public Safety

Citizens should feel safe in our community. They should be able to walk down a sidewalk instead of stepping into the street because the sidewalk is blocked by tents and trash. They should be able to take their children to a clean public park, one free of syringes and other implements of illegal drug use.
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Workforce and Affordable Housing

Bend’s Area Median Income (AMI) is $68,000. Our teachers, police officers, fire fighters, and city employees earn between $50,000 and $80,000 per year. Other workers, often service providers, earn much less.
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Public safety should be the first consideration in any program addressing the homelessness issue.
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This council refuses to listen to citizens’ concerns or to answer important questions. It refuses to engage in any meaningful dialogues on issues which impact our quality of life.
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I used to bike from my home in Southeast Bend to the Safeway on 3rd Street. I no longer do so, because the streets are just not safe to ride on. We need physical barriers between traffic lanes and bike lanes, which will require a significant investment that this council has not made.
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There are practical solutions to save some of Bend’s iconic trees, achieve the density required by Oregon land use laws and still allow builders to make a reasonable profit and return on their investments.

Trees are not just an indulgence for nature lovers, they are essential to our health and our quality of life.  If I am elected, I will introduce a new tree protection code to start a city-wide discussion on how better to preserve our mature native trees.